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How to Develop Discipline When You're Self-Employed

Being self-employed can be a beautiful thing. You can set your schedule, take time off at your discretion, and even complete a full day’s work without ever leaving the house. However, without the structure of an office and a timesheet to fill out, it can be challenging to motivate yourself to get to work and stay focused. Here are a few tips for making the most out of every workday when you’re self-employed: 1. Set and Maintain a Schedule Maintaining a schedule is critical to getting work done consistently. Waking up, working out, and conducting business at a set time every day, helps you ensure that all your daily tasks get done and nothing slips through the cracks. When you have a daily routine, you don’t need to coax yourself out of bed because muscle memory will eventually take over and propel you through the day. 2. Establish a Workspace While it might be tempting to do all your work from the comfort of your warm bed, I’ve personally found this to be unsustainable. After a few...

Colleen Williams

Dec 10, 2019