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Saucy Santana Credits His Rise To Stardom On TikTok To 'Just Being Authentic'

It’s an undeniable fact that Saucy Santana has heavily influenced TikTok culture. The rapper took the platform by storm with his popular track “Walk,” which had both influencers and celebrities alike recording their best Naomi Campbell-Esque runway walk. @saucysantana Walk @spencewuah #walkchallengesantana #MyRoutine #Mystyle #Dailyvlog #wordsofwisdom #fyp #outfit #bodypositivity ♬ original sound – Saucy Santana Following viral challenges such as his one for “Walk,” AfroTech previously reported that Billboard introduced the Song Breaker Chart — its first-ever creator-centered music chart — for artists like Santana who are breaking the mold of what it takes to be considered a star in the industry. In addition to “Walk,” his choreography for “Here We Go” can still be seen in countless TikTok videos, as well as the phrase “Material Gworl,” which is practically inescapable. Based on these tracks alone, it may be safe to say that Santana is a blueprint for running numbers up on the...

Ngozi Nwanji

Feb 11, 2022