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Waka Flocka Is Using His NFT Platform To Educate Black Artists Through Ownership And Creativity

NFTs have been the talk of the creative and entertainment industries for the last few months and now rapper Waka Flocka is getting in on the action too. In April, news circulated that the Hip-Hop superstar entered a partnership to create Satoshi Art — an all-new 100% minority-owned NFT platform that’s bringing monetary profits to creative artists worldwide. Through this new company, Flocka is aiming to empower Black artists and their work by introducing them to a new revenue stream to profit off their intellectual property. In speaking with Flocka, he shared with AfroTech that he came across NFTs through his own research and knowledge. “It comes easy when you’re a nerd,” he tells us. “You’re hip to everything people don’t believe in, and then by the time they get on it history is made. I learned in my earlier years, to be a smart person you have to know when you meet another genius.” In this instance, Flocka is referring to his business partner Stally — a certified cryptocurrency...

May 28, 2021