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Navalayo Osembo's Enda Secures $1.1M Investment To Produce Africa's First Running Shoe Brand

Being the first to create a new company with no prior experience under your belt can be an intimidating venture. Nonetheless, the long-lasting impact behind the purpose for Navalayo Osembo’s revolutionary idea overshadowed any deterrent the challenge could throw her way. Courtesy of Enda The Kenyan native is the co-founder and CEO of Enda, Africa’s first running shoe company. Kenya is widely known for producing the world’s greatest runners and now, the shoe brand is putting on for its record-breaking talent. The pioneering company is helping to put the country further on the map and its success is a testament to what African talent can achieve. “I think the biggest thing has been changing what people believe is possible. I talk to other entrepreneurs all the time who are following the path that we’ve created in dreaming that global brands can be born in Africa,” Osembo told AfroTech. While Enda is putting a spotlight on Kenyan culture’s influence, it is also aiding in the economic...

Dec 22, 2021