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Girl CEO's Ronne Brown Shares Why Building Your Business Should Be Approached the Same Way As Dating

Ronne Brown is a master when it comes to the art of the career pivot. This she-eo literally went from mopping floors to making millions on Instagram. She has held several positions from paralegal to janitor to travel agent before becoming the founder of Girl CEO, a membership platform designed to empower women who aspire to become entrepreneurs by providing them with all the tools and resources that they need to succeed. Brown joins Black Tech Green Money host Will Lucas to talk about advice for people looking to build an online empire, the balance between working to build a brand and managing the operation once it is intact. She also dives into what women need in order to gain more opportunities at the forefront. “The biggest thing that you should focus on is not just getting a sale,” said Brown. She says that the mistake that people often make is getting caught up in convincing people to buy their stuff. She compares building a business and growing your audience to dating.   View...

Feb 23, 2021