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Outside Of The Isley Brothers, Ron Isley Has Built A $2M Net Worth And Family With Three Children Of His Own To Share His Legacy

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic turned the world on its head, making the 2001 Isley Brothers hit “Contagious” take on a whole new meaning. While very few people are currently singing the associated lyrics, “touch me, baby, give me what you got,” the song that may not have aged well doesn’t cast a big enough shadow to ignore the legacy of Ron Isley and the Isley Brothers. The Isley Brothers is an American R&B family group originally from Cincinnati, OH. The singing brothers have captivated audiences for decades with a musical history that goes back to the 1950s. One of the pieces of magic that made the group successful was the sultry, piercing lead vocals from Ronald “Ron” Isley. Ron Isley’s iconic voice can be heard on chart-topping classics like “For the Love Of You,” “Choosey Lover,” and “Between The Sheets.” Isley and his singing brothers also proved their residual relevance by expanding their audience to younger generations with songs like “Busted” and “Just Came Here To...

Aug 10, 2022