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Romeo Miller Says He 'Promoted A Company For Free For 15+ Years' And Was Never Paid Or Saw A Contract

The early 2000s serve as a nostalgic point for many people. However, there are two rappers who had fans in a proverbial chokehold based on their talent and look. These two young men were Lil Bow Wow and Lil Romeo. While many argue that their approach and trajectories differed, no one can deny the impact the two had on culture. From becoming the face of “106 & Park” to going to lead the Nickelodeon show, “Romeo!” – Lil Bow Wow and Lil Romeo were significant parts of the artistic success the 2000s brought. Although those moments live in people’s brains rent-free, if you fast forward to adulthood, the realities of both superstars are far different. Lil Bow Wow now prefers his government name Shad Moss, and Lil Romeo has dropped the little and has fully embraced adulthood as an entrepreneur and businessman. This intersection of adulthood and business acumen is where Romeo finds himself today. And the occurrences that surround the situation are enough to “make ‘em say ugh.”

Dec 19, 2022