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Richest Athletes In The World

One week ago, American soccer history was made with the stunning debut of Lionel Messi in the MLS (Major League Soccer). The international star came on the pitch in the second half of a match between Inter Miami and Cruz Azul. Messi, playing for Inter Miami (owned by another soccer legend, David Beckham), scored the game-winner off of a free-kick. Fans went wild and so did internet searches as many wondered just how much the superstar is making to play for a struggling team in a league struggling even more. Along with those searches, many asked, “Who are the richest athletes in the world?” Iconic Players The top five richest athletes in the world are made up of three golfers, a basketball player, and a soccer player. Interestingly enough, their earnings come more from the endorsement deals made along the way of illustrious careers, rather than just player contracts. Shoe deals, jerseys, drinks, and more helped these players rise above and beyond to capture a piece of the pie known...

Roberto Bustamante

Jul 28, 2023

These Black Athletes Are A Part Of The 50 Players That Collectively Made $3B

Forbes recently released its list of the richest athletes in the world, and some of the numbers and statistics are completely unsurprising. According to the outlet, 35 out of the 50 richest are from the United States — the most out of any country. What’s more, the NBA has the most number of athletes on the list, with 18 of the world’s richest athletes being top dribblers (American football came in second, with 14 athletes from that sport on the list — and rounding out the top three is soccer, which boasts five athletes on the list.) What’s more, three of the top athletes made more than $100 million in total earnings over the last 12 months — and Lebron James is at the top of that high-earner list. “LeBron James, with $121.2 million, reaches the milestone for the first time on the Forbes athletes list while Lionel Messi ($130 million) and Cristiano Ronaldo ($115 million) are each five-time members of the century club,” reported the outlet. The outlet also pointed out that in addition...