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Twitter Under Hot Water For Allegedly Censoring Breonna Taylor-Related Tweets and Accounts

Yesterday, a grand jury declined to bring serious charges against the officers — former detective Brett Hankison, Sgt. John Mattingly and Det. Myles Cosgrove — responsible for the shooting that resulted in Breonna Taylor’s death in Kentucky. As a result, social media saw an explosion of posts from frustrated users upset with the jury’s decision, all with an underlying message that justice has yet to be served for Breonna Taylor. Amid the flood of Breonna Taylor posts, Twitter users began reporting strange glitches with their accounts, including messages of account restrictions, suspensions, purged accounts, and deleted tweets almost immediately following any mention of her name in tweets. “I got messaged quickly that my account was tweeting suspiciously after I had a tweet with [Breonna Taylor’s] full name,” said Howard Nedrick Jr. “I had to prove I wasn’t a bot.” Another user, @aldendelena , reported something similar and her account remains restricted as of Sept. 24. “After I...

Sep 24, 2020