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Minority-Owned Equity Firm Becomes Investment Partner in Major JFK International Airport Renovation Project

American Triple I Partners is now an investment partner in a recent redevelopment project being conducted at JFK International Airport. The effort — funded by Jet Blue and JFK Millennium Partners — is a multi-billion-dollar construction project to develop a new airport terminal in one of the busiest airports in the nation. American Triple I Partners, which is led by chairman and co-chief investment officer Henry Cisneros, will contribute a 30 percent-equity investment in the project. A minority-owned equity firm based in New York, American Triple I Partners, invests in infrastructure, providing capital, mitigating risk, as well as finding technological and financial solutions for its projects. The JFK International Airport venture reinforces Governor Andrew Cuomo’s vision of creating more opportunity for minority-owned businesses. “Our nation-leading utilization rate reflects the unmatched pool of MWBEs in the Empire State and our concerted efforts to create a more equal playing...

Jan 17, 2020