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After Ricky Gass Went To Jail, He Learned A New Trade That'll Earn Him $100K This Year — 'I Just Wanted To Change My Life'

You might not think that a solar panel installer can make a six-figure salary. But Ricky Gass of Linden, NJ, is proving that he’s the exception to the rule. In an interview with CNBC, Gas explained that he’s on track to six figures thanks to his varying rates. The prevailing rate for someone like him is $22/hour, but depending on the job, he can command as much as $65/hour. What’s more, he said, he is on target to make $100,000 this year if things continue going according to plan. “By state, by state law, if it’s over one megawatt, it has to be prevailing wage. The amount of panels that we’re getting ready to do is over one megawatt, it’s automatically prevailing wage. The jobs that we take that are under one megawatt are considered non-rate, which is $22 an hour. Prevailing wages is $65 when non-rate is $22,” he explained to the outlet. As a certified solar roof installer, Gass said that he was pleased to be in a position where he felt like he was “really helping people.” He’s held...