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It's Now Illegal For Employers To Contact Remote Workers Outside Of Their Hours In Portugal

The pandemic has shifted the new normal for everyone around the world. We witnessed c ountless companies shift to a remote lifestyle to ensure employees would be better protected from contracting the virus. However, creating the separation between work life and home can become cumbersome when employers fail to create boundaries. According to researchers, some workers feel as if the workday no longer has a stopping point and their weekdays and weekends have no distinction. For workers with children, tending to their children was cited as the largest distraction to fulfilling their remote responsibilities. Fortunately, Portugal is stepping up implementing new protocols to help remote workers, sending a message to the world that etiquette work practices are possible and essential to helping employees thrive under the new normal. According to Euronews, Portugal’s new labor laws were approved by the country’s parliament on Friday, Nov. 5. “The pandemic has accelerated the need to...

Samantha Dorisca

Nov 11, 2021

Tips for Managing Your Remote Team Effectively

Conflict on any team can negatively affect productivity and kill morale. However, remote working can bring its unique challenges because interpersonal relationships evolve differently than with on-site teams. Electronic communications cannot convey body language or tone, essential aspects of non-verbal communication. The online disinhibition effect can also make people do and say things they would never do in a traditional office environment. If you’re not carefully managing your remote team, it can be all too easy for problems to develop and fester. Here are some tips for staying ahead of the potential issues and resolving conflict effectively: Onboarding Conflict resolution starts with prevention. Implementing a robust onboarding process will go a long way in minimizing conflict on your distributed teams. A thorough onboarding process will outline an employee’s job functions, get them up to speed on team processes, and provide them with the resources they need to get their job...

Colleen Williams

Nov 29, 2019