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Instagram's Shopping in Reels Feature Proves to be Fruitful in Empowering Black-Owned Businesses

Amid the explosion of engaging, entertaining videos on social media during quarantine, Instagram introduced a new visual feature to its platform to rival its competitor, TikTok. Now it’s proving to be a fruitful asset to Black-owned businesses who have set up shop on the app. With many people sheltered-in-place, online shopping saw a huge uptick in traffic prompting many shop owners to turn their attention toward their online stories and digital platforms to incorporate shopping-friendly features in their content. Back in November of last year, Instagram launched its Reels and Shop tabs — both efficient and fun ways for brand owners and entrepreneurs all over the world to connect with consumers — in an effort to accommodate this booming era of e-commerce. Photo Credit: Instagram The way these new features work for businesses on the app provides a better shopping experience for consumers looking to discover new items and brands. Users are able to see a Reel with tagged products,...

Njera Perkins

Feb 5, 2021