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What Is A Purple Squirrel In Recruiting?

In the world of recruiting , the term “purple squirrel” isn’t a wildlife reference but a metaphorical expression for an exceptionally rare and uniquely qualified candidate . Imagine finding an individual with the precise set of skills, experience, and qualifications sought by an employer – it’s as challenging as spotting a purple squirrel in the wild. When recruiters use the term “purple squirrel,” they’re emphasizing the extraordinary nature of the sought-after candidate. This goes beyond a standard job applicant; it refers to someone who meets job qualifications and possesses additional, often exceptional, attributes that make them a perfect fit for the role. What Is The Purple Squirrel Theory? The purple squirrel theory challenges traditional hiring norms by suggesting that organizations may set overly stringent criteria for their ideal candidate. This theory encourages employers to reconsider expectations and focus on essential skills, fostering a more realistic and efficient...

Corinne Dorsey

Feb 2, 2024

Amazon's Simone Porter Says Tailoring Your Resume Is The Key To Landing The Job

Amazon employs 1.3 million people worldwide, 950,000 of which work in the U.S. That means one in every 153 American workers is an Amazon employee, Business Insider reports, and the tech giant also boasts a team of 1,200 recruiters. Simone Porter is a part of Amazon’s recruitment team. She focuses on attracting talent for non-tech roles. She’s been working for the company for roughly four and a half years in various roles, so she knows what it takes to land a job and climb the ladder. In case you missed it, Porter shared some of her recruiting and hiring tips at AfroTech Conference during her “Getting Hired Hacks: The Resume that Wins the Job” solo session. And it is safe to say, she took a deep dive into how to personalize your resume and make it stand out. “You can think of the resume as your 30 second, written elevator pitch,” Porter said in the AfroTech metaverse. “It’s the way that you are able to brand yourself in a short amount of time and describe who you are in a very clear,...

Michelai Graham

Nov 18, 2021

AfroTech Teams With Bank of America To Promote Diversity In Tech

Despite the rain and thunderstorm Tuesday evening on May 15, more than 50 people gathered over dinner and drinks at Bibiana restaurant in Washington, D.C. to learn about diversity and job opportunities at Bank of America. Bank of America partnered with AfroTech for the recruiting event to discover black talent in tech. Guests were provided the chance to learn about Bank of America’s diverse leadership and how the corporation is expanding its diversity efforts through its partnership with AfroTech. Whitney Hopkins, a guest at the event, said she didn’t realize how many African-Americans held leadership positions at Bank of America, and she was pleasantly shocked to see African-Americans spread across so many different spaces working there. Attendees learned about Bank of America’s latest innovations and the company having over 3,000 patents, which is more than any tech company, including Google and Microsoft. Cameron Wadley, the chief operating officer for client-facing platforms...

Brianna Rhodes

Jun 4, 2018