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Jahleane Dolne, A LinkedIn Creator, Offers Advice On How To Jumpstart The Career Of Your Dreams

Drake released an album, “Scary Hours.” And while many resonated with its theme, many likely didn’t believe that today’s job market would take on some similar sentiments. Currently, job seekers are navigating turbulent and interesting times. There are consistent layoffs but also an influx of available job postings of new openings. Couple that dichotomy with the inflation rate, and the job search process takes on a life of its own that many were not expecting, especially the most recent graduating cohort. According to data provided by LinkedIn, the Class of 2023 is graduating into a challenging job market, with data showing that hiring is down 45% for those who recently finished their bachelor’s degree, compared to the same time last year. It also showed that hiring dropped 37% year over year for entry-level jobs that do not require a college degree. This reality hits a little harder for Black and Latino career starters. LinkedIn shared that based on a Federal Reserve Economic Data...

Jun 14, 2023

Four Ways To Recession-Proof Your Career, According To LinkedIn Career Expert Andrew McCaskill

Here’s a harsh reality — a recession may be on its way. Many economists and business insiders believe that it is already here. With the uneasy motion of the real estate market, the crazy price of eggs, and a tumultuous job market — all signs point to an economically unstable economic environment that has people on edge. However, all is not lost. For Black people particularly, there is a well-documented history of overcoming difficult times. When society and powers placed restrictions to hinder Black men and women, they created resources, services, and products that transcended prejudices and allowed them to succeed. That same level of ingenuity and resilience is evident today as people navigate the uncertainty that’s present in several industries in the job market. AfroTech was able to team up with Andrew McCaskill, Sr. Director & Career Expert, LinkedIn, to gain practical insight on how job seekers can become recession-proof.

Feb 8, 2023

Despite A Pending Recession, LinkedIn Data Shows Professionals Are Using Pandemic-Born Confidence To Stay In The Game

If you’re able to transport your mind to the 1970s for a second, you’ll likely become acquainted with the classic sitcom “Good Times.” The show focused on a Black family attempting to navigate the struggles of divestment and poor policy in the inner city of Chicago, IL. Episode after episode, the Evans Family faces a barrier that halts their attempt to progress forward. One of the recurring barriers was centered around economic mobility due to low-paying jobs. The patriarch of the family, James Evans, was relentless in his desire to provide a better lifestyle for his family. And one day, the opportunity of a lifetime happens. The caveat? The job is based in Alaska. It’s not the ideal situation for the family, but the break they needed, and since options were few, the Evans Family made it work until it didn’t work anymore. For years, bearing some nuances, many people approached the job market similarly – taking whatever opportunities would pay the bills and working their way up a...

Jan 18, 2023

Cardi B Says She's Worth More Than $40M And Still Not Recession Proof — 'I Could Lose It Too'

The year 2022 has been an interesting one. A wild real estate market, big tech layoffs, and the rising cost of inflation have the world on edge. As life would have it, no one is exempt from these impacts. And Cardi B is telling the world that she, too, is in the number. Born Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar, the rapper has captivated the hearts and attention of her fans since she first hit the scene. With her witty personality and viral catchphrases, Cardi B shot up to the top and hasn’t looked down since. The New York native gave us hits like “Bodak Yellow” and “Up.” Although many have a lot to say concerning her lyricism, few can argue her natural ability to perform and deliver a song. Regardless of the pundit’s opinions surrounding Cardi’s music career, the rapper has leveraged her success to keep advancing her career beyond music. AfroTech previously reported that Cardi B has brand and endorsement deals with companies like Fashion Nova, Pepsi, Marc Jacobs, and Rap Snacks. The...

Dec 22, 2022

Does Bank Of America Have 'Hope' That Americans Will Lose Their Power In Today's Workforce?

Chris Brown said, “These girls ain’t loyal,” but who would have thought that reference would be true for banking institutions? Now, it is no real shocker that large banks often act in the best interest of their own bottom line, but the most recent discovery about Bank of America may cause some to clutch their pearls. In an alleged internal memo obtained by The Intercept, Bank of America seems to have some odd “hopes.”

Aug 1, 2022