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Sheila Brown Makes History as the First Black Woman to Own a Radio Station in Buffalo, New York

From working in radio to owning the radio! According to WIVB 4, Sheila Brown is now the first Black woman to own a radio station in Buffalo, New York. Her career started in radio at WUFO in Buffalo, New York during the 80s and she decided to part ways after 14 years in the business when new management arrived. She made a vow to someday return, and eight years later she not only returned but also purchased the station. “I looked at the building and I waved and said, don’t worry baby, I’ll be back,'” Brown told reporters. “I went through everything, we had banks say no like three times before they said yes, credit unions said no your business plan needs to be updated, but True Bethel and Bishop Daris Pridgen, they had faith in me.” Brown, a native of Buffalo, who grew up in Hamlin Park says she always dreamed of doing amazing things. As the youngest of three siblings, she credits her family, strong support system, and upbringing to her success. “My uncles coming to see us would go hey...

Shanique Yates

Mar 3, 2021

Tom Joyner’s Farewell to Radio Signals the End of an Era

Tom Joyner, the host of the show that bears his name, put down his microphone Friday. After 25 years on-air, the veteran radio host of the “The Tom Joyner Morning Show” began his retirement from a job he never imagined leaving. In a recent CBS News interview conducted by Jericka Duncan , the Alabama native described his auspicious start at a local radio station. After protesting that the station failed to play Black music, despite being situated in an all-Black community, the station owner relented. Joyner took the mic, and he never looked back. In 1994, he began hosting “The Tom Joyner Morning Show” on ABC Radio Networks with a focus on empowerment. Setting that unique tone paved the way for transparency on the program, giving rise to discussions about real-life topics, such as voter advocacy and health awareness, peppered with humor and social commentary. His direct, down-to-earth approach is associated with galvanizing Blacks to vote . Ten years later, with a greater following,...

Emily Adeyanju

Dec 19, 2019

Who and Where: Charlamagne Tha God, iHeartRadio Studios, Tribeca NY

Charlamagne Tha God is as wide awake as most others won’t be for another two to three hours as he power walks into the lower Manhattan towers where Power 105.1 studios reside. “Peace, King,” he says in his greeting to me. “Good morning,” he says to my melanin-deficient associate. He guides us both, along with his assistant Paige, to the elevators and up several levels to the iHeartRadio floors. Before either of us realizes it, he’s already provided salutations to the planet of listeners who religiously tune in to “The Breakfast Club” morning show. It would be a long morning, much longer than I’d planned for, but I came with a self-imposed mission to get as clear a sense of who Charlamagne really is — as best as I could in the span of a sunrise. I planned to explore the ideas and philosophies of the businessman who resides behind the prickly character and to understand the weight of responsibility it must be to represent Black culture on one of the world’s largest stages. About an...

Will Lucas

Nov 25, 2019