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This Mother-Daughter Duo is Now on a Mission to Help Former Inmates Secure Jobs

Mother-daughter entrepreneur duo, Teresa Hodge and Laurin Leonard are doing their part to tackle the problem a lot of ex-offenders have — getting a job. People who have past criminal records find it harder to secure jobs, apply for academic financial aid, and even vote. R3 Score, a company founded by Hodge and Leonard, focuses on connecting qualified people with good opportunities via “a new criminal background check for a new world.” According to Forbes , the Baltimore-based company’s initial aim was to provide a new way of hiring companies to assess the risk of formerly incarcerated people. However, since the spread of COVID-19, their business model has changed. “From the moment the coronavirus hit, we recognized we could no longer rely on the goodwill of businesses,” Hodge told Forbes. “They weren’t in a place where they wanted to be more inclusive and considerate of individuals who had conviction records.” R3 Score’s new model empowers potential hires rather than targeting...

Jun 9, 2020