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R/GA Tech Leaders Discuss How Diversity in Tech Can Help Eliminate Bias in AI

An in-depth interview with three leaders within the company on steps to breaking down bias in tech. Artificial Intelligence plays an increasingly significant role in our daily lives and is sure to make an even bigger impact in the future. Yet, the reputation for diversity and inclusion in the field is nothing short of abysmal. In April of this year, AI Now Institute released a damning report on the state of diversity in AI. Among its findings were that: Only 18 percent of authors at leading AI conferences are women. More than 80 percent of AI professors are men. There is no public data on transgender workers or other gender minorities. AI has even shown signs of discrimination against persons of color and women when it comes to algorithms, further creating a bias and disparity in the field. R/GA is a leader in the field of marketing and advertising. With an impressive roster of clients like The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, Nike and Samsung, the company uses emerging technologies like...

Oct 16, 2019