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Quincy Jones, Jennifer Hudson, And Chance The Rapper Join Forces As New Co-Owners Of The Historic Ramova Theatre

Three stars are supporting their hometown of Chicago, IL, with a new business project.

Nov 15, 2023

Why The Late Michael Jackson Fired His Management Team After The Release Of 'Thriller'

Back in 1982, Michael Jackson took the music industry by storm with the release of his sixth studio album, “Thriller.” The late legend’s 34x-platinum album, NME reports, not only became his highest-selling project but also created an influence that is still heard in today’s music. However, the process of recording “Thriller” was reportedly an uphill battle for Jackson that led to major changes in his artistry.

Feb 23, 2023

"She Said 'You're Blowing It'" — Jamie Foxx Recalls The Reality Check Oprah Gave Him That Saved His Career

It’s no secret that Jamie Foxx has made a name for himself in the industry. However, a few pages from his book could have told a different story if it wasn’t for a major figure in the industry.

Nov 8, 2022

Quincy Jones's Seven Children Are The Greatest Part Of His Half-Billion Dollar Legacy

Not many people have had the impact of Black musical legend and producer Quincy Jones. With a legendary career spanning more than six decades — and who was responsible for hits from legendary musical acts from Michael Jackson to Frank Sinatra — he has been nominated for seven Academy Awards. According to CNN, Quincy Jones has also received 80 Grammy nominations, with 28 wins, and a Grammy Legend Award win in 1992. It’s no surprise that with all these accolades, Jones has achieved a massive net worth of $500 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. But that’s the least he deserves, frankly. Not bad for a former jazz musician! But more than just his musical and production accomplishments, Quincy Jones has a legacy that will last a lifetime. His seven children are his pride and joy — and they’ve almost all gone into the business themselves. In fact, though, their careers are so respectable that they stand apart from their legendary father, while also honoring his legacy. Let’s take a...

AI Startup Backed By Quincy Jones Gets Acquired 'To Continue Changing The Way We Consume Music'

A music mogul like Quincy Jones backing an “emotional” artificial technology (AI) music startup sounds like a match made in heaven. The startup — Musimap — is on a mission to develop effective music roadmaps for its users through AI. The automated engine leverages automated engines and metadata enhancement to generate a playlist that has a familiar music palette to correspond with the personality profile. When Jones made the decision to tap into Musimap last year, he operated as a special advisor disclosing a personalized listing of his top-performing singles in order for the company to curate a precise profile. The profile was generated in “a fraction of a second” with results matching songs across common themes including love, playfulness, sensibility and happiness. The search engine also revealed Soul Jazz, Pop, Disco and Jazz were the top contenders for the key genre, Music Business World previously reported. Since Musimaps’s acquisition of Jones’ catalog in May, the AI company...

Oct 11, 2021

Doja Cat Wants To Take You To 'Planet Doja' With Her First-Ever NFT Collection

If you have no clue how non-fungible tokens (NFTs) work, Doja Cat has you covered with her latest drop. The form of cryptocurrency has been taking the world by storm. However, for a lot of people, NFTs almost seem as if they’re reserved for the elite, with limited access and resources to materials as to how they work. The rapper, born Amala Ratna Zandile Dlamini, was intentional in making her collection one that is not only affordable but easy to use no matter where you fall on the knowledge of cryptocurrency. “I don’t know that much about NFT’s,” said the “Need To Know” singer, according to information provided to AfroTech. “But what I do know is that they can be bad for the environment and cost a fortune. Mine won’t. Get over to and check out my first NFT collection now.” Courtesy Photo Her exclusive collection was launched via the Green NFT platform, OneOf, curated specifically with musicians and fans in mind. Its debut Artist NFT collection featuring Doja Cat is just...

Sep 10, 2021

Doja Cat, H.E.R., John Legend And More Join Quincy Jones-Backed NFT Music Platform OneOf

More celebrities are getting into the non-fungible Token ( NFT) game and Quincy Jones is among the latest in the music industry to come forward and back a newly-launched NFT music platform that’s reshaping the fan experience. According to Variety, OneOf — co-founded by Lin Dai, Joshua James, and Adam Fell — announced that in addition to the music mogul’s investment, other musicians supporting its platform include Doja Cat, H.E.R., John Legend, the estate of Whitney Houston, TLC and many more. All of these artists supporting the platform are gearing up to release their own upcoming collections of green-friendly non-fungible tokens to give their fans access to new exclusive content. “I cannot wait to release my first Juicy Drops collection,” Doja Cat said in a statement reported by Variety. “However, I want to be mindful of environmental concerns and accessibility to all of my fans before we go live. Happy to now be working with OneOf, who is addressing both of these issues.” Similar...

May 25, 2021