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Here's How to Manipulate Tech to Protect Your Privacy at Protests

A huge concern for many protesters and activists on the frontlines is digital privacy. With law enforcement having access to more surveillance tools, they have the power to use such tools to track protesters and silence their movements. According to Wired , there are two aspects of digital surveillance that people should be mindful of when protesting — data that can be obtained from your cellular device and law enforcement surveillance, which includes wireless interception of text messages tracking tools, and facial recognition. Police have been documented for being violent and aggressive toward civilians during these recent protests and haven’t hesitated to attach or arrest peaceful protesters, so it’s safe to assume any digital evidence they obtain can and will be used against people. The best way for protesters to combat digital surveillance from law enforcement is to use safe practices for devices when participating in demonstrations. Follow the below tips to better equip...

Njera Perkins

Jun 9, 2020