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How to Reach Your Goals With Passive Income

Some months it seems like our paychecks don’t stretch as far as they need to go. And while we’re working on landing that promotion and salary raise, that takes time. We can and should be working to build multiple streams of income in our spare time as well. You may have heard the phrase “passive income” — a term that refers to businesses, investments, or other efforts that provide you with additional income without much extra effort after you set them up. With time and effort upfront, you can build one or more of the following passive streams to help you achieve your financial goals. Build — and monetize — a blog You can make money by developing your own blog. First, you’ll have to pick a unique niche, publish engaging content consistently, and make sure users can find your content. As you build traffic to your site, you can make money through selling display ads as well as through an affiliate marketing program of a major retailer like Amazon. When someone comes to your blog, sees...


Jan 31, 2021