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Alphonso Morris Wants to Bring EdTech to Everyone as a Product Designer at Coursera

Alphonso “Fonz” Morris is a senior product designer at Coursera, one of the world’s largest EdTech platforms. We sat down to talk to him about his journey and his vision for the company and himself. The Beginning Hailing from Brooklyn, NY, Fonz made his way to the south in search of higher education at the historically Black Morehouse College. As a self-described “engineering-minded kind of kid,” his childhood dream was to become an architect. However, when he got to college, a computer science career seemed to have more potential than an architectural one. While at Morehouse, he also participated in a study-abroad program at Oxford University, where he studied art history and visited some of the world’s most iconic museums and galleries. Although he began his computer science degree at Morehouse, he later transferred to Georgia State after two years because he could no longer afford tuition. While he made this move purely out of financial necessity, he believes everything worked...

Colleen Williams

Nov 5, 2019

An Inside Look on Zachary Hinton's Journey to Product Designer at Hulu

Zachary Hinton — a product designer at Hulu — will be one of the fantastic speakers at AfroTech 2019 .  We had a great chat with him about his work, ambitions, and the future of product design. What is a Product Designer? Hinton explains that at their core, product designers are problem-solvers. He says product designers use their design tools coupled with user research to determine customer needs and build products that are both functional and intuitive. Inclusive Product Design “Inclusive design should be at the core of every design process,” Hinton said. “It’s the process of learning who the users are, how they are using the product now, and how they will use it in the future.” Hinton says during the design cycle, the team decides if a product needs to adapt to each user or provide a universal experience. He also points out that while Hulu’s platform is designed to be universally appealing, features like the Black Stories Hub offer a more curated cultural experience. They also...

Colleen Williams

Oct 24, 2019