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Start Your YouTube Channel With These Valuable Tips

Looking to become a successful YouTuber? Maybe you’ve considered the idea of starting your own channel, but never seriously pursued it. Beyond the obvious like finding a niche and investing in the right equipment, we’re here to give you tips on how to actually succeed on the platform. HOW TO START A YOUTUBE CHANNEL IN 2020: 3 VALUABLE TIPS JUST START You might think that starting is the most obvious part of having a YouTube channel. However, many people overlook the simplicity of starting right now. It’s easy to get caught up in planning and preparing to start your channel. This can lead to hesitation and procrastination because you’re thinking about every single aspect. Ready or not, just do it. Start your channel now. You don’t have to upload every video you record. So what if you look back at your first video and see how terrible it was? You have to start somewhere. And at least you’ll gain experience being in front of the camera and learn if you even enjoy making videos. DEVELOP...

Oct 29, 2020

Tips For Starting Your Own Blog

If you want to earn money online, promote your business, inform people, or all three, starting a blog can help you achieve your goals. But it’s important to understand that a new blog won’t be an overnight success that will be bursting at the seams with traffic. If you feel like you have what it takes to persevere through hearing crickets on your blog, let’s get into how to start one. HOW TO START A BLOG COMPLETE THE BASICS The first step to starting a blog is getting your website up and running. To start blogging, follow these steps: Pick a web hosting provider. Your web host will act as your website’s home and make it visible to people on the internet. There are a number of web hosts you can choose from, including Bluehost and GoDaddy. Choose a content management system (CMS). Your CMS will help you create your content and build your website’s design. WordPress, Wix, and Squarespace are very popular ones. Create a domain name. Your domain name will be your blog’s URL. Keep it...

Oct 25, 2020

Don’t Just Be Busy, Be Productive: Tips To Help You Get The Most Out Of Your Day

Most people confuse productivity with aimlessly trying to accomplish as many tasks as they can during the day, when in fact being busy is the opposite of being productive. A Google search of the word “productivity” will yield this definition: “the effectiveness of productive effort, especially in industry, as measured in terms of the rate of output per unit of input.” The keyword here is “effectiveness.” As an entrepreneur or business owner being effective is crucial to the success of your business. Here are some key points to remember that will help you navigate between being busy and productive: Stop Multitasking It’s easy to get caught up in doing multiple things at once. You have five unrelated tabs open while seesawing between them all. Zigzagging your way through your day will make it seem like you’re getting a lot done, but in reality, you will end up with five partially done tasks when the day is complete. Focus on one task at a time and put your best foot forward when...

Oct 1, 2019