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About 30K More Incarcerated Individuals Will Now Have A Chance To Earn A College Degree For Free

A greater level of opportunity is coming to a group that may be typically overlooked. Incarcerated individuals have long been a part of programs that allow them to expand their education. The funds used to support these educational efforts are funded by the United States Pell Grant. However, the funds are increasing, allowing an estimated 30,000 more people to earn a college degree.

Josh Rodgers

Jun 29, 2023

Morehouse College Offers Higher Education Courses To Georgia Inmates

The only all-male Historically Black College and University (HBCU), Morehouse College , has its own initiative to assist current inmates in being prepared for life after incarceration. A part of the  Andrew Young Center for Global Leadership (AYCGL), Morehouse College faculty members take aspects of its curriculum to Georgia-based inmates. Prison reform is built on the premise that individuals deserve a second chance. The concept of reform has led to lower rates of recidivism and more significant opportunities for people to have a greater chance of positive rehabilitation. According to a write-up by Morehouse associate professor Kipton E. Jensen, the AYGLC Prison Education Initiative was designed to support staff members who teach humanities courses to imprisoned men and women across the Georgia prison system. The prison education initiative is steadily growing at a solid pace, involving more Morehouse faculty and students to assist in prison education. As of last year, the AYGLC...

Josh Rodgers

Apr 18, 2022

This Training Program is Teaching Prisoners How to Code So They Can Acquire Jobs in Tech

Prisoners are getting job training so they can prepare to enter the field of tech upon their release, thanks to prison rehabilitation program, The Last Mile. The Last Mile — which is based in San Quentin, California — is bridging the gap between tech and criminal offenders to teach them how to code so they can easily find employment once they get out of prison. “At The Last Mile, we are using technology to try and solve mass incarceration,” software engineer Jason Jones said to The Denver Channel. “You are talking about disrupting the status quo of people not normally getting access and opportunity. Not only are we driving down the recidivism rate where people get out and don’t come back no more, but we also have the ability to go back in the community and stop people from going into prison in the first place.” Jones — a product of the program who now teaches computer coding to prisoners through remote communication — helps these people become reformed citizens well-equipped to...

Njera Perkins

Feb 2, 2021

Prisoner Turned Tech CEO Marcus Bullock Creates App to Combat Recidivism

Marcus Bullock has taken the journey from prisoner to tech CEO to help families avoid the suffering he experienced firsthand. In 2012, the entrepreneur and criminal justice reform advocate founded Flikshop , a tech company that offers an app that enables families to send personalized postcards to incarcerated loved ones. The photo-sharing platform aims to help combat recidivism, Bullock told Newsone . “When I went to prison, I was forced to grow up fast,” he said of his eight-year sentence at 15-years-old for carjacking. “One of the things that got me through and allowed me to even be able to see the world and what the possibilities were before I came home was my mom and the letters that she would write me while I was in jail. In prison, getting mail is like hitting the lottery.” Flikshop allows photos from your phone, Facebook, or Instagram to be delivered as postcards instantly for as low as $0.79 each. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Flikshop App (@flikshop) In...

Niki McGloster

Jun 23, 2020