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After A Year Of Reckoning, TurnSignl Creates An App To Protect Citizens During Police Interactions

The social reckoning that sparked a national conversation around police brutality and racial justice last year became part of the origin story for many companies and their initiatives. Much of this was in response to George Floyd’s murder that occurred in Minneapolis, MN and as a result, three men living in the center of this movement decided to take matters into their own hands to help protect their communities. Late last year, Mychal Frelix, Andre Creighton and Jazz Hampton — co-founders of TurnSignl — left their corporate jobs to develop an idea around an app that protects both drivers and police officers during routine traffic stops by recording interactions that are guided by a lawyer on-call in real time. The app was developed in conjunction with both local Minnesota police chiefs and attorneys to help advise on the best way for this technology to exist. The premise of the app is to ultimately make these interactions less intense by giving all parties involved a level of...

Jun 18, 2021

Tell Siri You're Getting Pulled Over and It Will Auto-Record the Interaction

Tech is proving to be savvier for consumers these days, especially as it relates to any encounters with law enforcement. In light of the ongoing protests and incidents with police officers, CNN reported that a popular iPhone shortcut will now auto-record any interactions you may have with the police. Apparently iphones have a police shortcut link and it does a bunch of things when you tell Siri you're pulled over…? This is REALLY important if it's legit, all my iphone ppl need to watch this and share. — DesiBae aka Big Horchata (@sarcasticstyle) June 10, 2020 The shortcut, created by Reddit user Robert Peterson , will send a message with your location to a friend or family member and automatically start recording a video with the simple command, “Hey Siri, I’m getting pulled over,” CNET reports . In 2018, Peterson told Business Insider the purpose of the app was to mimic the same functions of body cams stating, “It seemed to me that if you’re getting...

Jun 22, 2020