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These Tips Will Help You Present Your Pitch More Effectively

Drafting and pitching your idea can be a daunting task because there is no standard format or how-to for communicating your idea to investors. The goal is to quickly capture the interest of your audience and convince them that your idea is worth investing in. Here are some pro tips to effectively communicate your idea: Put Your Startup’s Data Into Context Sure, numbers don’t lie, but if investors don’t know or understand what your data means, they probably won’t grasp how great your idea is. For example, when presenting the iPod to an audience, Steve Jobs didn’t mention gigabytes. Instead, he simply said the iPod could hold 1,000 songs. When drafting your pitch, be sure to make the data practical to give investors a natural and simplified understanding. Mesh Storytelling and Problem-solving Have your pitch flow by explaining the problem your idea solves via telling a story of why you decided to launch your startup. It’s not a bad idea to start your pitch with a captivating story...

Devin Crudup

Oct 22, 2019