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Serial Entrepreneur and Thought Leader James Norman Inspires New Founders to Succeed

Pilotly Founder and CEO James Norman aptly describes himself as a “serial entrepreneur.” From an early age, Norman’s involvement in various projects led him to chart a bold path in the technology space. Already adept at technology in his teens, the Michigan native and a friend founded MJH Sound, one of the first e-commerce sites for home and audio. Norman leveraged that creation to work with car audio and build cars in his hometown, at the heart of the auto industry. Gaining traction in his understanding of engineering and technology prompted a move to southern California, where he built cars for more high-profile clients in the film industry, such as for the “The Fast and the Furious” film franchise. Norman moved from business to business using his tremendous insight, talent, and pioneering work to solve relevant problems with unique solutions. His career arc reflected tremendous versatility; he demonstrated a unique ability to pivot from a chosen path and to be resilient when the...

Feb 3, 2020