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The Road to Capital Funding as A Woman of Color in Tech

“You know you’ve picked the hardest issue to solve, right?” Those were the words from a potential investor after I completed a funding pitch for my company Patientory. His response wasn’t new to me. I knew healthcare was broken from my previous experience of working in a digital healthcare startup. Any healthcare entrepreneur should be aware of the amount of time (years) needed to invest in an innovative healthcare product and see it through. After figuring this out, I prepared for the long haul. It’s very different when you experience it, versus when you just observe it. However, what I did know for sure was that I was up for the challenge. I also knew this pitch wasn’t my first and it wouldn’t be my last. I created Patientory to empower consumers with an application they can use to improve their overall health and well-being. Coupled with an enterprise solution that can integrate electronic medical records, through personal experience and research, I realized healthcare that’s...

Chrissa McFarlane

Nov 20, 2019