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These Young Black Men Created a Tech Resource for Sexual Assault Survivors

The tech industry is always on the hunt for fresh talent to bring forth new ways of thinking and innovative concepts to build a better future for our society. Michael Jordan, Princewill Imouokhome, and Gentill Abdulla — three young Black men who graduated from Texas A&M University — are a part of that rising generation of innovators who are on track to be tomorrow’s tech leaders. Together, these three created an anonymous sexual assault reporting system under their company The Garden with the help of blockchain technology, which has the potential to simplify and add greater security to data management, according to Forbes . In the summer of 2017, Jordan, Imouokhome, and Abdulla had an idea to create a tech resource that could be of great use to sexual assault survivors, which today is known as OYA . Oya – noun: An African Goddess of change Now it also stands for an anonymous mobile blockchain sexual assault reporting system. Help us give survivors of sexual assault a voice. Download...

Jun 15, 2020