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Here's Why Operational Security Should Matter To Black America

Social media has emerged as a blessing and a curse as it allows us to connect to people anywhere in the world at the simple opening of an app, but also to dangerously overshare in the heat of the moment. It is important to know how to safeguard our online activity and limit exposure when employers or potential employers may search through your social media history to see what we’ve been up to. Unfortunately, many of us have terrible online privacy and security practices that make it easy for us to fall prey and miss opportunities. Operational security is the practice of protecting sensitive information that if put together, can give a clear picture of your movements and habits. Traditionally, operational security was used in the military to protect information from spies. Now, we see that this is a practice Black people should embrace to protect ourselves from unwanted attention and reputation management. Data is the new gold. Trillions of dollars are made globally by companies that...

Jason Nelson

Sep 17, 2019