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This Founder Secured $4M in Funding So Her Startup Could Keep Offices COVID-safe

Indoor air quality has become a growing concern for many amid the COVID-19 pandemic as evidence has shown that the virus can remain airborne for longer periods and farther distances than originally thought, the EPA reports. However, Yodit Stanton and her startup company OpenSensors have been working to combat this issue with its innovative business model that’s making workspaces much safer during this time. OpenSensors — a tech-based air monitoring platform — offers a transformative and environmentally-friendly solution for those concerned with working out of office buildings. “Initially it just started as a fun hobby project. I was playing around with IoT as in my daughter has asthma, so I was monitoring air quality up in our neighborhood to try to see if I can correlate the particulates spikes and so forth with her asthma attacks,” Stanton told TechCrunch. “I released it as a project for my community to monitor air quality. But it became, I guess a real thing when people asked if...

Njera Perkins

Dec 16, 2020