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On Second Thought's Next Frontier? Mobile Payments

There’s nothing more cringe worthy than realizing that you sent a text message to the wrong person or that you’ve made an embarrassing typo. Every day, Americans send about 6 million text messages, so mishaps are bound to happen. But what’s at stake in our messaging ecosystem goes beyond that. People don’t only use messaging platforms to keep in touch with friends, they also use it to send money and exchange sensitive information. Maci Peterson is on a mission to turn back the hands of time and give people the chance to take back that message you didn’t think twice about before sending. Peterson is the founder of On Second Thought, a tool that lets users unsend text messages. She came up with the idea after sending an embarrassing text to an ex-boyfriend years ago. She explained the story, in detail, to NPR’s 1A . ”So I wanted to text him: ‘Hey, for some reason I keep missing your calls,’” she explains. “But Auto-correct changed it to ‘Hey, for reason I keep missing’ that part of...

May 10, 2019