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New Legislation In Norway Requires Influencers To Disclose When They Edit Photos For Social Media

A new law passed in Norway puts forth a very interesting social media rule. The law — which was passed earlier this month in the Norwegian Parliament— requires social media influencers to disclose whether they’ve manipulated the image in any way before posting. The Hill reports that this law was passed in an effort to combat body image issues faced by young people in the country today. If the photo has “a body’s shape, size or skin has been changed by retouching or other manipulation,” it must be marked as edited, according to Norway’s new legislation. What’s more, the new Norway law stipulates that celebrities and influencers must disclose if they were paid for the post, regardless of whether the photo in question was edited. “The measure will hopefully make a useful and significant contribution to curbing the negative impact that such advertising has, especially on children and young people,” said the Norwegian Ministry of Children and Family, in a statement provided to Vice. The...