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Niecy Nash-Betts Is At The Top Of Her Game With An Estimated $5M Net Worth, But She's Making It A Family Affair As Her 3 Children Follow In Her Footsteps

One thing that’s true for the Black community is that it will claim people who are not biologically related as relatives. This concept even applies to celebrities, particularly influential figures, who have massive admiration. One of the individuals who has walked into the fold as one of the culture’s internet aunties is Niecy Nash-Betts. Born Carol Denise Ensley, Niecy Nash-Betts has been the imaginative, joyful spirit the world has come to know and love from a very young age. According to the Los Angeles Times, Nash first found inspiration for her career’s future after seeing singer and dancer Lola Falana’s lavishness on television. At the tender age of 5, Nash-Betts would adorn herself in scarves, Mickey Mouse sunglasses, and fancy dresses. “I want to be Black, fabulous, and on TV,” she told her grandmother one day, according to the Los Angeles Times. “The Black part I couldn’t do anything about. But the fabulous and the being on TV … I got to work on that.” And the rest, as...

Josh Rodgers

Feb 2, 2024