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Nicole Barham Says She Turned Her Experience With Bankruptcy Into A Way To Make Over $100K Per Quarter

From bankruptcy court to racking in the dough, thanks to her lucrative business, Nicole Barham’s side hustle has now become one of the biggest contributors to her success as an entrepreneur. According to TIME, Nicole Barham is the founder of Design Your Wealth, a platform that helps others tap into the resources needed to manage, grow, and maintain wealth. “I started the business after my own experience of not managing my finances properly landed me in bankruptcy court,” said Barham, TIME reports. “I have a background in accounting and spent years taking care of my employer’s finances, so it was particularly heartbreaking that I was in this position.” The bankruptcy experience left Barham inspired to regain control of her own narrative, ultimately leading to the side hustle that is now bringing her big bucks of more than $100,000 per quarter.

Mar 18, 2022