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Chad Johnson Reveals He Saved At Least 80 Percent Of His Salary As An NFL Player

Former NFL player Chad Johnson may not be one to fumble the bag.

Jan 31, 2023

New York Jets Linebacker Brandon Copeland Spent His Offseason Teaching Personal Finance At UPenn

New York Jets linebacker Brandon Copeland stepped from the field and into the classroom to teach students about financial literacy during the offseason. Copeland taught at his alma mater as a co-professor of a course called ‘Inequity and Empowerment, Urban Financial Literacy.’ He taught alongside Dr. Brian Peterson, the director of Penn’s Black Cultural Center. “I don’t care if you’re an engineering student, a nursing student, if you’re going to build rockets when you grow up or if you’re going to sweep floors. You’re going to have to use something in this class,” Copeland said to ESPN. Copeland got the idea for the class — which he’s nicknamed “Life 101” —  years ago while scoping out real estate investments with some Detroit Lions teammates. He told ESPN that he’s not an expert in the finance field, but his savings and investing habits are something everyone can to aspire to. New York Jets linebacker Brandon Copeland Copeland saves and invests 90 percent of his income with the...

Mar 6, 2019

Former NFL Player Walter Powell Wants to Make Politics Easier to Understand

Midterm elections are right around the corner and one former NFL player wants to make sure people are informed about politicians and how they vote. Former Buffalo Bills wide receiver Walter Powell is launching PolitiScope, an app that gives users “player profiles” of Congressional members and other federal politicians. The app details politicians’ votes on legislation, upcoming bills and contact information. In December, Powell and his co-founder Jackson White developed an idea for the app and created a prototype within three months. PolitiScope users can also follow politicians, bills and other legislation to see how they are developing across the country. Users receive push notifications on news related to the politicians they follow and can register to vote through the app. PolticiScope’s interface automatically pulls from government-accredited websites to keep information on the app up-to-date. From there, a team of lawyers puts the information into layman’s terms to ensure that...

Sep 21, 2018