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Instagram Is Amplifying Black-Owned Businesses On The Platform With New Feature

Supporting Black-owned businesses over the last year has become more than a trend. Now, consumers, corporations and online platforms are turning this full-fledged surge of support into a consistent lifestyle change with more intentional ways to champion these brands. Among those who have made financial and systemic pledges most recently is Instagram, who is now making it easier for shoppers to discover and identify Black-owned businesses directly on its platform. Thanks to a new feature, U.S. -based businesses a part of Shops on Instagram will be specifically declared “Black-owned” with a display label. Over the last year, Instagram has rallied its community of users to not just acknowledge Black-owned businesses, but shop with them as well. With newly-launched features like its Reels and Shop tabs, it’s made the e-commerce space a much more fun and knowledgeable experience for both brand owners and consumers. According to a blog post from Instagram, over 1.3 million Instagram posts...

Jun 30, 2021

Karaoke is Coming To Instagram Stories

Instagram will soon add a karaoke feature to its Stories as a way to reel teen users into the app, according to TechCrunch. The feature is set to compete with another Gen Z favorite, TikTok. Instagram users can use the feature through the Music lens or with the Music sticker when posting to their stories. Lyrics pop up on the video as they are recited in songs, giving viewers more ways to interact with their favorite content creators. This latest update highlights increased interest in Instagram Stories. Outside of expanding its in-app shopping function , the company has focused on creating new experiences with the feature. Stories have been so successful within Instagram, other platforms have created their own story-like features in an attempt to keep more users tapping through their apps. Facebook and WhatsApp have their own stories that are identical to Instagram’s, while Spotify and Netflix are testing out the feature to give the apps a social media feel. Spotify’s newest...

Jun 7, 2019

Instagram Has Its Eyes on A Feature That Allows Users to Co-Watch Videos

Hidden in Instagram’s messenger feature is code that allows users to co-watch videos and other content with friends, according to TechCrunch. The feature is similar to Facebook’s Watch Party code, which was also discovered by TechCrunch. Instagram’s co-watch code could have some outstanding impacts on how much time people spend on the app. Over the years, the platform has focused on more features that keep users scrolling without requiring them to actually post content. The co-watch feature also highlights some of Instagram’s moves to build communities and spend time with friends without face-to-face interactions. Other features like group and video chats have motioned the company in that direction. Like most features on Instagram, there may be a catch. Having a co-watch feature could open the door for more targeted advertisements on the platform. Ads now have a notable presence on Instagram compared to previous years. They are interwoven between Instastories, regular video and...

Mar 8, 2019

Instagram is Now More Accessible to the Visually Impaired

On Wednesday, Instagram announced it is releasing new features to help visually impaired users enjoy the app. The company revealed the new automatic and custom alternative text features in a blog post. The automatic alternative text feature allows users to hear descriptions of content posted on their Feed, Explore and Profile pages. Using Facebook’s object recognition technology, descriptions will be read for those using a screen reader to use Instagram–accessible through “Advanced Settings” located on the bottom of the screen after editing a post. The second new feature, custom alternative text, allows users to add detailed descriptions when posting photos. Photo: Instagram Instagram’s announcement comes after other apps like South Africa’s BeSpecular began helping the visually-impaired with day-to-day activities. Instagram said these are just the first steps toward improvement and providing a more accessible platform.

Nov 29, 2018