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Netflix Party Browser Extension Adds Flare to Your Viewing Experience

With the rapid spread of coronavirus in the U.S., the Netflix and chill pastime has now morphed into Netflix and quarantine. As many are stuck in their homes in efforts to employ the best practice of social distancing, boredom is sure to strike at a moment’s notice. No worries, Netflix has come in the clutch yet again with the new party browser extension. The new extension adds flare to the traditional viewing experience by allowing you to watch your favorite Netflix movies and shows with your friends. According to its site , the browser extension has video sync playback which allows you and your friends to watch movies/shows at the same time and adds a group chat that will appear in the sidebar so you can chat in real-time. According to TechRadar , the Netflix Party extension is not an official Netflix feature, but instead a Chrome add-on which means Safari or Firefox users cannot add the extension just yet. However, if you are a Google Chrome user, you have quarantine options....

Mar 18, 2020