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Chris Paul Partners With Black-Woman-Owned Fintech Company To Create Savings Accounts For 1,400 Oakland Middle-School Students

Chris Paul has entered into a partnership that considers the financial futures of the youth. Goalsetter, a fintech company founded by Tanya Van Court, has shared results from a study it conducted with Ivy League university students revealing a significant lack of understanding when it comes to personal finances. When surveying 1,065 undergraduate students from Harvard University, Stanford University, and the University of Pennsylvania, t he study revealed that the students answered on average only 51% of its financial education questions correctly. The questions were at the high school standard, and the percentage of acuity decreased even further when looking at only underclassmen, with scores of 48%. Furthermore, only 13% of students who took the quiz scored above a C-. To create better outcomes, Goalsetter is committed to targeting financial initiatives towards the youth, and the company is strengthening its efforts through a partnership with NBA player Chris Paul, Oakland Fund...

Samantha Dorisca

Apr 15, 2024

Dennis Rodman's 2024 Net Worth Doesn't Reflect It, But He's The Most Fascinating Man On Earth

Dennis Rodman is likely best known for his prolific career with the NBA , showcasing incredible defensive abilities during his 20-year tenure on the court. However, the retired basketball star has gone on to exhibit a host of eccentric accolades in his 62 years on Earth, making him one of the most interesting humans to ever live. Today, Dennis Rodman touts a paltry net worth of only $500,000 according to Watcher Guru , in spite of his multi-million dollar legacy. Rodman sits at this figure for a number of reasons, most notably due to a number of shady business deals that saw his long-time financial advisor embezzling millions from his personal fortune. Despite Dennis Rodman’s lower-than-expected net worth, the retired basketball legend seems to be living comfortably today, and has tons of social credit to fall back on in case he needs additional financial security. Since retiring from the NBA, Rodman has gone on to wrestle at a professional level, appear in numerous film and...

TeeJay Small

Apr 12, 2024

Chief Business Officer David Kelly Shares What To Expect From Golden State Entertainment, The NBA’s First-Ever Music And Film Division

Whether you’re picking up a basketball, camera, or microphone, there is always a way to share your story.

Shanique Yates

Jan 25, 2024

These 10 Black Athletes Dominate As Professional Team Owners While Remaining Active In Their Respective Sports

For years, there was a disconnect between the representation of athletes playing on the field or courts and those who made the big decisions for the sports industry. As time evolves, more and more Black athletes continue to dominate the world of sports, particularly in the NBA and NFL. According to data from Statista, Black athletes make up over 70% of active NBA players during the 2023 season. For the NFL, Statista further reports that a bit more than 56% of players in 2022 were Black athletes. Although the percentage of Black players is disproportionately lower in other major sports leagues such as the MLB (6.2%) or the NHL (less than 5%), the push and impact of Black players can be felt across the entire sports landscape. The increased diversification throughout sports as an industry, some would argue, necessitated the need for more decision-makers in executive roles — primarily team ownership. In 2002, the barrier was broken as the founder of BET, Robert “Bob” Johnson, became...

Josh Rodgers

Jan 4, 2024

Joe Smith Reveals He Ended Up With $3K After Earning $61M In The NBA In Hopes That His Story Will Help The Next Generation Of Athletes

Joe Smith knows firsthand what it’s like to go from making over eight figures to losing it all. In 2018, the former NBA star and No. 1 draft pick appeared on MLB star Alex Rodriguez’s show “Back in the Game” due to financial trouble, according to CNBC. The goal was to teach Smith how to bring in more revenue and decrease his spending. The show would support Smith’s coaching business, which he started in 2015, so he could be in a better financial standing.

Ngozi Nwanji

Nov 27, 2023

NBA Reportedly Considers Equity Stake In Skims, Co-Founded By Kim Kardashian And Emma Grede

Skims continues to take the correct steps in the business world.

Samantha Dorisca

Oct 30, 2023

Former NBA Athlete Gilbert Arenas Felt 'Miserable' After Retirement Despite Earning Over $160M During His Career

Money doesn’t buy happiness. Former NBA player Gilbert Arenas learned this the hard way.

Samantha Dorisca

Aug 8, 2023

Celtics' Jaylen Brown Signs The Richest Contract In NBA History

Outside of the NBA draft and Summer League, basketball fans have little to no on-court action to look forward to during the off-season. However, that does not mean that excitement around the league is entirely on pause. The summer months are typically when players and franchises make impactful decisions about their futures. And the Boston Celtics have answered one of the fan’s most pressing questions by resigning shooting guard Jaylen Brown.

Josh Rodgers

Jul 25, 2023

Andre Drummond Reflects On What His Character Flaws Cost Him In The NBA — 'I Went From $100M To A ... League Minimum'

The passing along of wisdom, particularly in the Black community, is a rite of passage. Learning from an Elder or an “OG” is a core part of Black culture and can even find roots in the historic nature of storytelling and oral history exchanges. NBA veteran Andre Drummond has found himself in the proverbial seat of an uncle and was recorded dropping some knowledge on a group of young athletes while coaching. But what makes Drummond’s words of wisdom worth digesting for future and practical use? Drummond is a Mount Vernon, NY, native. The center entered the league in 2012 as the ninth pick of the Detroit Pistons. As a current player for the Chicago Bulls, Drummond has experienced a range of career highlights, including making the NBA All-Rookie Team 2nd Team in 2013. While he’s spent time with other NBA teams like the Los Angeles Lakers, Philadelphia 76ers, Cleveland Cavaliers, and Brooklyn Nets during his ten-season career, his current placement with the Bulls is proving beneficial....

Josh Rodgers

Jul 11, 2023

Inside Chris Webber's Previous Deal With Nike — 'How Can My Shoe Cost More Than Michael Jordan's?'

Outside of their extreme athletic abilities, NBA players are also known for their fashion choices. And a select few are fortunate enough to have a signature sneaker line. From Michael Jordan to Stephen Curry, NBA stars have long pushed their name, image, and likeness with a shoe that represents them on and off the court. Chris Webber was allowed a signature sneaker, but his outcome differed from the previously mentioned. Webber is a Detroit, MI, native who entered the league as the 1993 No. 1 draft pick, selected by the Orlando Magic. He was then traded to the Golden State Warriors, according to Rookie Wire. Spending only one season in the Bay Area, Webber would play for several other teams, spending most of his career with the Sacramento Kings. During his 15-season career, he averaged 20.7 points, 9.8 rebounds, and 4.2 assists. His on-court performance led him to become Rookie of the Year and a five-time All-NBA Team member. With consistent playtime and credible contributions on...

Josh Rodgers

Jul 11, 2023

Inside Thaddeus Young's Investment Portfolio Of Over 300 Companies — ‘I Don’t Want The Whole Pie. I Just Want A Piece Of It’

Getting to the bag is one thing, but having multiple bags to tap into takes it to another level. NBA player Thaddeus Young is a modern example of that elevation. Young is from Memphis, TN, and quickly rose as a breakout star in basketball in the city. After playing with Georgia Tech University, he would be drafted by the Philadelphia 76ers. Since entering the league in 2007, Young has spent most of his career with the 76ers, and played with other teams, including the Minnesota Timberwolves and the Brooklyn Nets. Young is currently playing for the Toronto Raptors. According to ESPN, Young joined the Toronto Raptors after signing a two-year deal in 2022. Spotrac reports that the deal was worth $16 million for two years, with $9 million guaranteed at signing. Now at this point in his career, the 34-year-old is impacting the court and using his wisdom to help guide younger players. A report from The Athletic describes Young as a main staple for the team. “Big time vet. Been in the...

Josh Rodgers

Jun 16, 2023

Shaquille O'Neal's Multi-Million Dollar Moves Prove There's More To His Game — ‘I’ve Always Been A Businessman Who Is Athletic’

The NBA has experienced many shifts affecting how the game is played. One of those shifts is the visible absence of “big men.” Now more in tune with faster and more agile playing, the league was once filled with what some considered “true centers” regarding their overall size. And NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal was a part of that coveted group. O’Neal entered the NBA as the No. 1 draft pick to the Orlando Magic in 1992, according to the NBA website. Coming from a successful collegiate career at LSU, the 7’1″ center quickly made a presence for himself as a star player for the Magic. “Shaq put the Orlando Magic on the map – not just in the state of Florida or in the United States; he was this global phenomenon,’’ said Fox Sports Florida announcer and former Orlando Magic employee David Steele. “When we traveled, it was like a traveling rock show. Everybody wanted to see Shaq.’’ Throughout his basketball career, he played on six teams. However, O’Neal’s most notable on-court contributions...

Josh Rodgers

Jun 7, 2023

After A 20-Year Career, Carmelo Anthony Retires From The NBA — But Here's A Look At What He's Built Off The Court

If there is a discussion about debut appearances, 2003 has to be a part of the conversation. This time period was when Beyoncé became a solo artist and released “Crazy in Love,” and the NBA draft class welcomed what would become two of the league’s most impactful players, LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony. Fast forward 20 years, and each person’s cultural standing is out of this world. However, for Anthony, an active part of his legacy has ended with announcing his retirement from professional basketball. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Carmelo Anthony (@carmeloanthony) Carmelo Anthony was born in Brooklyn, NY, and leveraged his basketball talents to begin a collegiate career at Syracuse University. During his freshman year at the institution, Anthony became a breakout star, leading the team to its first and only to date NCAA men’s basketball tournament championship. The collegiate stardom would translate to Anthony’s NBA career. As the third pick by the Denver Nuggets,...

Josh Rodgers

May 22, 2023

Was Larry Johnson's Converse Deal The Reason Michael Jordan Was Able To Earn More Money With Nike?

You can’t have an adequate conversation about sneaker culture without talking about the global impact of Michael Jordan and his line of signature shoes, as evidenced by the film “Air,” chronicling the inception of the Jordan sneaker era. With so much popularity around Nike and their relationship with Jordan, would you believe there was a time during the Jordan era when he didn’t have the biggest contract and most popular shoe among athletes? Welcome NBA legend Larry Johnson to the chat. According to a LinkedIn post, Johnson stated that he was offered a $1 million shoe deal with Converse in 1991. Johnson entered the league in 1991 as the No. 1 draft pick by the Charlotte Hornets. He had a stand-out rookie season, earning him the 1992 Rookie of the Year award, and in 1993, he signed what was then considered the largest contract in NBA history worth $87 million over seven years. However, after that historic deal, Johnson suffered a sprained back that would impact the longevity of his...

Josh Rodgers

Apr 5, 2023