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Social Media Users Demand Answers After Three Crypto Leaders Die Within Weeks Of Each Other

Tyler Perry is known for bringing comedic relief to characters and situations that can be tough to navigate. This process is meant to make things that are hard to deal with more palatable. His character Madea is often the center of the comedy in Perry’s work. Ironically, one of Madea’s many funny but memorable moments is centered around death. In one of Perry’s productions, the outspoken grandmother was confronted with the end of a loved one and boldly stated a phrase that had people in stitches but also had them a little confused. “People dying that ain’t never died before.” And while that statement doesn’t make much sense in a structured way, the theory behind it alludes to the unpredictable nature of death. Although death is nothing new, the news of it still comes as a surprise. And when it happens back to back under unexpected circumstances like those of several leaders in the cryptocurrency industry, it makes you consider the validity of Madea’s statement. However, this is no...

Josh Rodgers

Dec 6, 2022