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Instagram's latest update lets you mute accounts you want to see less of

We all have that one person we follow on Instagram but whose posts we’d rather not see every day. Instead of having to awkwardly unfollow them, Instagram has finally provided the ultimate solution — the mute button . On Tuesday, Instagram announced its newest feature which allows users to mute and unmute accounts whenever they choose without alerting the muted party. You’ll still be able to visit the user’s page when you choose and you’ll continue to get notifications when you’re tagged in a post or comment, but if you want to mute their posts or story (or both) you can. Many users have been frustrated with the changes in Instagram’s algorithm changes, and the mute option is a small but effective step in keeping pages that Instagram might think you want to see out of the way of the posts you actually care about. Instagram’s latest feature gives users so much more control over their experience with the app. Whether you’re just trying to fix the algorithm or you’re muting people for a...

Christine Cauthen

May 23, 2018