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5 Celebrities Who Walked Away From Multi-Million Dollar Deals — And How It Worked Out For Them

Celebrities of all shapes, sizes, and colors can only dream about having multi-million dollar deals. But there are some celebrities who prefer to walk away because they are worth so much more. In some cases, the decision to walk away from hefty paydays — whether on principle or on principal — proves to be a wise one. There are plenty of celebrities who play the long game that end up getting more in dividends because they chose to hold out for what they felt they deserved. And then there are other cases where the celebrity doesn’t know when to hold them — or when to fold them — and the consequences are devastating (We’re sure, for example, that Matt Damon could use that extra couple million right now. Should’ve done “Avatar,” sir, and you wouldn’t have the disaster of “Stillwater” to contend with). Did you know, for example, that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson turned down the opportunity to host the 2019 Oscars? According to Us Weekly, the wrestler-turned-multi-hyphenate was the first...