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Levi's Aims 'For A More Diverse And Inclusive Customer Experience' Then Misses Big Time By Tapping AI Models

Remember when the Lensa app had social media users in a proverbial chokehold? Almost everyone was giving us looks into a reimagined version of themselves through the power of artificial intelligence (AI). From retro outfits to futuristic ideas, people posted portraits that gave them a range of possibilities for how they show up in art mediums. And while not every single image was spot on, it did show the greater potential of what the technology can do. Lensa is just one example. Other emerging platforms such as AI chatbot ChatGPT and AIVA — an AI music generator — provide a world of possibilities for tech enthusiasts and casual users alike. With AI’s increased use and advancement, many companies are figuring out how to incorporate the technology into their work streams. But how much AI is too much?

Josh Rodgers

Mar 28, 2023