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What Is An Abundance Mindset And How Can You Achieve it?

Our mindset shapes not only our perception of the world but also our perception of ourselves. Embracing an abundance mindset can lead to a transformative shift in perspective, helping to alter not only our outlook but our lifestyle. This mindset is a philosophy that embraces the belief that there is more than enough of everything to go around – whether it’s wealth, success, love or opportunities . Author Stephen Covey first introduced the concept of the “abundance mindset” in his book, “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.” Covey describes an abundance mindset as the belief that the world provides plentiful resources and time, offering ample opportunities to accomplish one’s goals . Covey also coined the term “ scarcity mindset, ” the opposite of abundance thinking. Those with a scarcity mindset perceive a lack of time or resources to achieve their objectives. This mindset often leads to negative thoughts and short-term thinking. What Is An Abundance Mindset? At its core, the...

Corinne Dorsey

Mar 8, 2024

Summer Walker Is 'Opening Up For The First Time' In A New Audio Series With Mindset

Summer Walker has never been one afraid to speak her mind. The outspoken R&B singer’s masterful pen game has made that known throughout her discography. According to Rated R&B, she’s getting even more personal with a new medium — an audio series. Walker is the latest artist to be featured on Mindset, a mental wellness audio platform, where she will be transparent on topics including social anxiety, relationships, and racism. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Mindset by DIVE Studios (@mindset_dive)  

Ngozi Nwanji

Jan 27, 2022