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Josh Fabian Dropped Out Of School At Age 16  — Now, At Age 32, He Is Reportedly The Founder of A $105M Gaming Startup

This story is for all of the folks who were told to “stop wasting time playing those video games” as children because it looks like one man’s love of gaming just landed him the big bucks. At the age of 16, Josh Fabian emancipated himself from his white adoptive parents and ultimately dropped out of high school. Fast forward, and his gaming startup was valued at $105 million as of February 2022 — funny how life works out, right? According to CNBC Make It, Fabian managed to raise $34 million from investors for Metafy, the online platform that he launched at the height of the pandemic. It offers amateur video gamers the opportunity to pay for coaching sessions led by some of the world’s top players. Metafy Classes are LIVE! Grab a seat and learn from your favorite Experts as they share their hard-won experience and explain the aspects of the game that will help you and your classmates ruthlessly destroy your enemies! New Classes added constantly!

Jul 22, 2022