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1 And Mercedes-AMG's Latest Collaboration Gives Underserved Students Access To STEAM

Superstar and Mercedes-AMG corporation have prepared to take the innovation of vehicles — and students of disadvantaged communities — to the next level. During the Formula 1™ Grand Prix USA Weekend, the two have reimagined collaboration through “The Flip,” a revolutionary automotive structure. With the one-off vehicle — named WILL.I.AMG — Mercedes AMG and are putting the visual behind pushing boundaries to drive new ideas forward. “I grew up in a ghetto. I grew up with hip hop. I watched legendary hip hop artist rap about Mercedes, so it was always a dream to own a Mercedes. For a lot of inner-city kids, owning a Mercedes is a symbol of progress and advancing out of struggle,” said in an exclusive statement. “Now I’ve reached my goal and pushed even higher by re-imagining and creating my own vision of an AMG model. But I didn’t touch the engine, because AMG really does make the best engines. The story of the founders of AMG truly inspires me and it is...

May 6, 2022