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Tamar Blue Built MentalHappy To Bridge The Gap Between Tech And Mental Health

Just because one works in the tech space does not mean that their mental health should be neglected. In fact, when it all boils down, technology could take a huge toll on a person’s well-being — especially with social media ever-evolving into a place filled with how one’s life should look. This week, AfroTech’s Will Lucas was joined by Y Combinator alum and founder and CEO of MentalHappy, Tamar Blue, for an all-new episode of Black Tech Green Money. And for Blue, mental health and tech go hand-in-hand through her platform that aims to help individuals overcome life-altering events through professionally-led peer support groups.

Shanique Yates

May 24, 2022

Former NFL Players Jay Barnett & Terrell Owens Team Up To Tackle America's Mental Health Crisis

Here’s to breaking the stigma when it comes to Black men and mental health. Ahead of World Mental Health Day on Oct. 10, former NFL player turned therapist Jay Barnett — a survivor of two suicide attempts — has doubled down on his commitment to changing the narrative when it comes to Black men and their mental health. “ It wasn’t until after football that I realized I needed help. I hid behind football for a number of years. I was a free agent back in 2006, and I bounced around trying to find a place to stick and I couldn’t,” Barnett told AfroTech exclusively. “After working out for the Packers and before training camp, I went to play in the Arena League. I discovered that my desire to play was from an unhealthy place. I wanted to play because I wanted to prove to my father I could be everything that he wasn’t. Football was how I coped and when I couldn’t play — I felt useless.” To help others get the help they need, Barnett recently teamed up to moderate an open conversation...

Shanique Yates

Oct 5, 2021

Y Combinator-Backed Startup MentalHappy Is Creating Safe Spaces For Men's Mental Health

It’s time to change the conversation around mental health being too taboo of a subject for men to talk about. With resources like social network platform MentalHappy, it’s quite possible to reimagine what safe spaces look like for men to achieve a healthy mental state. MentalHappy — a first-of-its-kind safe, online mental health platform that provides positive peer support groups led by health and wellness professionals — is actively working to support the mental health needs of all – particularly for people of color and men. According to a poll conducted by researchers at the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS), nearly one in ten American men reported experiencing some form of depression or anxiety, but less than half of those men actually sought out treatment for their conditions. For Black men in this country those numbers are even lower, which is why mental health remains an under-recognized and under-treated problem among them. “The most common misconception about...

Njera Perkins

May 26, 2021