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Ashley Edwards Might Have Become The First Black Woman In New Jersey To Raise Over $1M In Venture Capital Funds

When it comes to setting trends and establishing viable businesses, Black women are at the forefront. From Madam C.J. Walker to Beyoncé, the range of goods and services provided by Black women are endless and necessary. According to a report by the Harvard Business Review, Black women are more likely to start a business as compared to white men and women. Ashley Edwards is a testament to this success with her business MindRight Health, recently announcing a $1.8 million seed round.

Josh Rodgers

Jun 28, 2022

Melinda Gates Suggests Frontline Workers and Black People Should Get COVID-19 Vaccine First

Earlier this year, Trump announced that the United States will be terminating its relationship with the World Health Organization (WHO) , according to CNN, and many are concerned with the negative consequences that could result from the decision. On the heels of Trump’s decision, Bill and Melinda Gates — co-chairs of the Gates Foundation — are providing funding and direction on how to navigate COVID-19 vaccines. Time reports that the Gates Foundation has pledged to fund the Vaccine Alliance (GAVI) with $1.6 billion over the next five years to ensure that vaccines are available to people all over the world, regardless of income. In the midst of protests against police brutality and racial injustices against Black people, Melinda Gates understands that both police brutality and health disparities reveal systemic racism. “What happened to George Floyd was brutal and horrible and should never happen to anyone, anywhere. This is a moment of reckoning in the United States. We all need to...

Devin Crudup

Jun 11, 2020

Melinda Gates Wants Tech Companies To Take Action on Diversity

Melinda Gates says it’s time for tech companies to act when it comes to diversity. Gates’ company Pivotal Ventures, in partnership with McKinsey & Company, just released a report stating that major technology companies are not putting enough effort into closing the race and gender gap in the tech industry. The report, entitled “Rebooting Representation: Using CSR and Philanthropy to Close the Gender Gap in Tech,” revealed that only 5 percent of the $500 million tech companies spend on philanthropy went to programs that explicitly targeted women and girls in tech. For minority women, the numbers are much worse, with less than .1 percent going to programming for women and girls of color. As a result of Gates’ report, some of the biggest names in tech have joined together to form the Reboot Representation Tech Coalition, a group focused on increasing representation of women of color in the industry. Microsoft, PayPal, and Twitter are just a few of the companies involved in the effort....

Arriana McLymore

Sep 14, 2018