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Former Googler Megan Gray Develops Health Monitoring Technology For Drivers

Megan Gray —  a former Google employee — has established herself and her startup, Moment AI, as respected names in the (Artificial Intelligence) AI startup world. Gray and the Moment AI team are on a mission to integrate health monitoring into the driving experience so that drivers can be alerted to potential deadly health episodes even before they begin to feel ill. Moment AI has participated in the Softbank and WeWork-backed Emerge accelerator . Gray has also spoken at NVIDIA’s GTC DC and several conferences about the work she and the Moment AI team are doing to make the roads safer for everyone. Moment AI also holds a patent for the technology they’ve developed. For Gray, Moment AI’s mission is all too personal. Where It All Started For The Former Googler When Gray suffered a seizure on a flight one day, she was left completely confused. Up until that day, she had been a healthy young woman with no medical issues. “It felt like something was kicking me in my head,” she explained...

May 6, 2021