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Social Justice Activist Aims to Combat ‘Driving While Black’ Issue With Mobile App

Studies show that driving while Black can lead to racial profiling and even death. In fact, according to research conducted by Nature Human Behaviour , Black drivers are 20 percent more likely to experience a run-in with law enforcement once they get behind the wheel. To combat unlawful traffic stops and other emergencies, activist Mbye Njie founded Legal Equalizer , a mobile app that allows users to record encounters with police officers, immigration officers, or active shooters. Once a user downloads the app, they can connect Legal Equalizer to a Zoom account, which automatically begins to capture the interaction once prompted. I first got the idea for @legaleqapp 6 years ago right around this time. We had just witnessed the death of Eric Garner and than we read about the death of Mike Brown in Ferguson shortly after. We immediately saw protests similar to the protests that we see today. — National Champion Mbye Njie #GoDawgs (@mnjie) August 24, 2020 In...

Niki McGloster

Oct 15, 2020